Impact Xpress

Impact Xpress entry level pop up display system

Key Features

  • Hybrid frame shapes available
  • Magnetic self locking device makes frame assembly quick and easy
  • Available curved or straight
  • Available in a standard 2.25m height or midi 1.85m height
  • Secure graphic panel fittings
  • Low Cost pop up exhibition display stand
  • 5 year manufacturer’s warranty on hardware
  • High Impact graphic panels supplied in individual sleeves
  • Setup within 15 minutes
  • Prices start from £799 +vat
  • Fast Setup
  • 3D Plans & Drawings
  • Travel Ready
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Best Seller
  • Quick Turnaround

Cost Effective Pop Up Marketing

Impact™ Xpress is the cheapest of our Impact pop up displays. Ideal for those seeking an entry level pop up exhibition display stand. Impact Xpress has many features not available with other similar priced Pop Up displays. Graphic panels are produced using the same materials and process as our more expensive Impact Original and Impact Plus popup stands. Prices start from £799.00 for a 3x3 display stand with graphic panels.

Flexibility at an Affordable Price

Impact Xpress pop up stands are available 2.25m high or 1.85m high. These pop up frames are available in curved or straight format. Impact Xpress comes with fittings on the rear for optional back panels to create a 360 degree display stand. This cost effective pop up display stand can be stored and transported in a wheeled case, which can be converted into a podium.

Impact Xpress exhibition stands can be stored and transported in a range of wheeled cases, some of which can be converted into a podium. 50w Halogen lights or LED lights are available for each of the Impact range of exhibition stands.

Learn more about the differences between our Pop Up Stands.


The following configurations are available…

Configuration Height Width Depth
1x3 curved 2.25m 1.21m 0.33m
2x3 curved 2.25m 1.9m 0.50m
3x3 curved 2.25m 2.51m 0.67m
4x3 curved 2.25m 3.04m 0.97m
5x3 curved 2.25m 3.42m 1.25m
1x3 straight 2.25m 1.25m 0.33m
2x3 straight 2.25m 1.99m 0.33m
3x3 straight 2.25m 2.72m 0.33m
4x3 straight 2.25m 3.46m 0.33m
5x3 straight 2.25m 4.2m 0.33m
3x3 hybrid 2.25m 2.67m 0.47m
4x3 hybrid 2.25m 3.33m 0.55m
5x3 hybrid 2.25m 4.11m 0.52m
1.85m Curved
2x3 curved 1.85m 1.67m 0.46m
3x3 curved 1.85m 2.2m 0.59m
4x3 curved 1.85m 2.61m 0.84m
1.85m Straight
2x3 straight 1.85m 1.72m 0.31m
3x3 straight 1.85m 2.31m 0.31m
4x3 straight 1.85m 2.93m 0.31m
Title File Size Format
Brochure 732kb
File is a PDF typePDF
Spec Sheet 119kb
File is a PDF typePDF
Spec Sheet (Hybrid) 279kb
File is a PDF typePDF
Spec Sheet [1.85m high] 127kb
File is a PDF typePDF
Brochure (Full Impact Range) 507kb
File is a PDF typePDF
Artwork Templates 81kb
File is a ZIP typeZIP
Artwork Templates (Hybrid) 1.71Mb
File is a ZIP typeZIP
Euro Case Spec Sheet 196kb
File is a PDF typePDF
Euro Case Template 12kb
File is a PDF typePDF
Setup Instructions 819kb
File is a PDF typePDF


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