Straight Fabric Banners

Straight Fabric Banner Solutions


A slim fabric substitute for paper based roller banner stands. Fabric Straight Banner with its narrow profile allows it to be used as a banner rather than a traditional fabric wall backdrop. Perfect for situations where you need the look and feel of a traditional banner but want a long term seamless and shape hugging fabric display.


The following size configurations are available …

Frame Visual Area Base Weight
Width Height Width Height    
600mm 1500mm 610mm 1490mm 250mm 5kg
800mm 1500mm 810mm 1490mm 250mm 7kg
600mm 2000mm 610mm 1990mm 250mm 5kg
800mm 2000mm 810mm 1990mm 250mm 7kg
1000mm 2000mm 1010mm 1990mm 250mm 9kg
1000mm 2500mm 1010mm 2490mm 250mm 9kg
1000mm 3000mm 1010mm 2990mm 250mm 9kg


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