Grand Fabric

Take your brand outdoors. Everywhere!


Branded fabric outdoor backdrops

Grand Fabric – For when you want to expose your message and brand in multiple locations, regardless of environment or weather conditions. Designed for outdoor use on different surfaces such as sand, snow, grass and concrete, supplied with multiple anchor support options.

Expose your message from all directions with double sided fabric prints, the graphics cover the frame with a one piece fabric that fits like a glove. Folds neatly in one piece and allows for simple double sided displays when required. (If you only need print on one side, the back comes with a smart blank fabric surface in black.)

With high quality fabrics and colourfast inks that looks great you will have a system designed to last for years in all weather conditions.

Support options for extra stability

To prevent the wall from overturning in extreme conditions, Grand Fabric is supplied with anchor profiles to attach to the frame. To secure Grand Fabric, you can choose to either screw the frames to a wooden surface, use the stability water tanks, or simply use ground pegs. For the wall to be secured, you must always use at least one of these safety devices, regardless of weather conditions.

Grand Fabric frame is made with lightweight aluminium making it extremely portable for transportation. Also designed for indoor use with additional rubber, simple construction, great stability options & indoor and outdoor display options make Grand Fabric the perfect all round display backdrop.


The following sizes are available…

Height Width Depth Weight
240cm 232cm 160cm 31kg
240cm 294cm 160cm 35kg

NOTE : Maximum wind speed :

  • 20 m/s when firmly attached to ground (so it can’t tip over or start to slide)
  • 9 m/s if 100 kg ballast on support profile (e.g. two water tanks)
Title File Size Format
Spec Sheet 1.03Mb
File is a PDF typePDF
Outdoor Setup Guide 1.09Mb
File is a PDF typePDF
Water Tank Setup 727kb
File is a PDF typePDF
Template (232cm × 240cm) 84kb
File is a PDF typePDF
Template (294cm × 240cm) 80kb
File is a PDF typePDF


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