Stable Outdoor Sign Holder

Windtalker is an outdoor pavement sign display stand designed to be used in outdoor settings where extra stability is needed. The large metal feet and metal springs make this a great choice for outdoor conditions. A protective sheet gives your poster protection against the weather. A very safe design with no sharp edges, and the choice of being used single or double sided.

The unit has the following size configurations…

Size Width Height Depth Weight
A0 Poster 871mm 1468mm 1305mm 20kg
A1 Poster 624mm 1120mm 960mm 16kg
500 × 700mm Poster 534mm 1081mm 700mm 14kg
700 × 1000mm Poster 730mm 1280mm 1115mm 14kg
30” × 40” Poster 796mm 1002mm 950mm 14kg


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