Exhibition Stands - Large Scale Exhibition Options

Exhibition stands can be complex, our systems are split into basic groups to make the initial selection more logical. Modern stands need to be fully flexible and usually portable, we've got you covered. If you need a more complex bespoke system which must impress, we've got that covered as well, with our full install and delivery team to support you.

Browse by type, Self-Build, Advanced-Build and Pro-Build. Choose between self-installed systems, stands that may need a couple of people and some basic training, right through to our pro system that comes with 3d plans, delivery & construction team, as well as an impressive stand that you can build on for years.

Browse The Range

Mirage modular display systems are specifically designed to be flexible for use in small or large exhibiting spaces and events. With the modern exhibitor demanding stands to be more adaptable and multi-functional our range includes a system for every conceivable budget and situation. We've selected systems that include many modern features and frame designs, with additional stand accessories that allow you to tailor your exhibition and purchase a system that's a valuable long term investment.

Transforming Your Profile

If you’re looking to create an extravagant Lynx Modular exhibition stand or purchase our versatile Twist Modular display for an easy portable solution, we've got the stand for you and a wide range of options in-between. You may also be considering an industrial Gantry Exhibition Stand or are wondering how you could transform your existing stand with our Shell-Clad options. There is a huge range of available solutions. When it comes to modular exhibition stands, we know what works and how to transform your vision into a reality, talk to our experienced team for impartial advice.

Visualise The Production

Mirage offers the full package, every good stand starts with strong visuals. After discussing your requirements we can suggest the best system for you and produce 3D drawings to illustrate. Why not chat to our experienced team and pass on your ideas to our graphics department. Whichever system you choose we can take care of all the design logistics with our complete build, delivers, take-down and storage service.


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