Counter Impress

Counter with Fabric Graphic Panels


The LED lighting sheet connects inside the counter frame which makes the Counter Impress outshine non backlit counters. The fabric printed panels are printed on a textile substrate specifically designed for back lighting. Transportation is straight forward with everything contained in one wheeled carry bag and only taking around 15 minutes to assemble by one person.

As standard the rear of the counter is open giving free access to the internal shelving. But if you wanted to close off the back of the counter, there is an option for a plain black panel which covers the back. This panel is fitted with a zip for easy access. If your branding needs updating replacement fabric panels can be ordered, and there is no need to send any hardware back to us. We simply send you the replacement fabric panels.


The unit has the following size configurations…

Width Height Depth Weight
106cm 104cm 40cm 20kg
Title File Size Format
Spec Sheet 302kb
File is a PDF typePDF
Template 391kb
File is a PDF typePDF


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