Round Plinth

Multi height and nested display

Single Plinths

Single Plinths

Round display plinths are the ideal for product display and quick build podium requirements.

Printed graphic wraps display you message & brand from afar alternatively you can select plain nylon & quality tambour options. Available in a choice of two diameters and four heights.

Nested Multi Plinths

Nested Plinths

Nested multi-height circular display plinths are the latest addition to the podium range. Stylish construction allows a mix of graphic and nylon finish options.

The unique internal Twist & Lock pole system to creates a structure that strengthens the unit without the need for a tambour wrap, allowing graphic wraps to be applied directly.

The result creates a cleaner more professional finish, and an extremely light, portable option for multi height product display and presentations.

The following configurations are available…

Single Plinths (Assembled Sizes)

Model Height Depth Weight
P400 400mm 400mm 5.0kg
P800 800mm 400mm 6.0kg
P1000 1000mm 600mm 6.5kg
P1200 1200mm 400mm 7.0kg

Nested (Assembled Sizes)

Model Height Depth* Weight
N400 400mm/800mm/1200mm 400mm 15kg
N600 1000mm/800mm/600mm 600mm 29kg
N750 1000mm/800mm/600mm 750mm 36kg

*Diameter of individual tabletops (x3)


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