The Best Sports Display Solutions Products

Our portable displays are perfect for indoor and outdoor sporting events. They feature vibrant colour graphics that catch the eye and draw attention to any special occasion. The festive atmosphere is enhanced by bright colours and unique shapes. Our products are made from durable materials, ensuring they will last for many more event days to come.

Bannerbow Arch

One of our most exciting new additions to our outdoor line Bannerbow. They provide seating for teams, players, and audiences alike at any sporting event.

You'll definitely leave an impression! offering both indoor and outdoor alternatives in three strong sizes. Build in a matter of seconds, but remember for days.

Pop Up A Frames

Pop Up Frames are the ideal choice for any sporting events because they are primarily made for outdoor use but can also be utilised indoors. They may be tucked away into a compact travel bag and are both lightweight and easy to install.

Sail Banners

At outdoor sporting events, sail banners are a tried-and-true method of getting your business seen. With a variety of base options, single- or double-sided fabric panels, and a range of heights.

We are one of only a few businesses in the UK that can create double-sided sail banners, guaranteeing that your logo is visible from all angles. used at a variety of motorsports and athletic events.

Available in a variety of sizes and shapes, and since they are digitally printed, there are no restrictions on the colours or colour combinations you can use to impress your audience.

PVC Banners

Outdoor PVC banners may be made in any size and are a portable, affordable alternative for gatherings. They can be equipped with eyelets so they can be hung from ceilings or cable-tied to railings.

Add an outdoor banner frame to your PVC banner so you may use it anywhere you need it for advertising or event days.


Our printed barriers, which can be used indoors or outdoors, are proving to be more in demand than ever as a distinctive and affordable alternative to effectively advertise your message at any event or sporting event.

All of our products are weatherproof and printed with inks that will never deteriorate, resulting in visually appealing, vibrant, and imaginative barriers.


Add colour to any gathering or display and update a timeless design. Any outdoor show or event can benefit greatly from the addition of distinctive, personalised printed statements.

Choose from a variety of designs and words on the bunting, which is available in any length with a black or white trim finish.

Sporting Events Showreel

Our Dedicated Offices

Our specialist artwork and graphic production facility is located in Stockport, Cheshire. We have invested heavily in premium production equipment over the last 13 years, and these facilities enable us to deliver orders promptly and to meet even the tightest of deadlines, with full control over quality. We have a sales team who cover the whole of the UK with staff based in Stockport, and a satellite office in Essex.

Our Products

  • Roll up banner stands
  • Pop up display backdrops
  • Outdoor displays
  • Sail Banners
  • Modular exhibition stands

Why choose Mirage Display?

  • We are focused on meeting your deadlines
  • Range of quality guaranteed products
  • Experienced staff who are fully trained to manage your enquiry, from order to delivery
  • Latest printing technology and materials
  • Ethically sourced hardware
  • Stringent quality control structures
  • Experienced design team
  • Stock of core products for fast delivery
  • Assembly and printing based entirely in the UK


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