Large outdoor pavement sign


Sentry by name & nature

The Sentinel is the ultimate way to advertise your branding outdoors. Designed to look bold and powerful, this display ensures your message will get noticed in any environment. Unlike other snap frames, the Sentinel has smooth rounded corners which add to its modern design. We have an optional trolley if the unit needs to be moved around regularly.

The large base can be filled with water or sand to make the Sentinel extremely stable stable in all weather conditions. The black base will hide dirt and marks, ensuring that this can be used as a long term display. The Sentinel has a snap frame on both sides, so people can view the branded poster from any direction. We can supply the unit on its own, or deliver with printed posters, printed in-house using UV protective inks.

The snap frames ensure that posters can easily be changed, to ensure this outdoor display stand can be used for many years. The posters are mounted in a tamper proof silver border frame and are kept safe behind a perspex cover to protect them and prevent them being damaged by the weather.


The following size information is available…

Sentinel Graphic Width Height Depth Weight
30" x 40" 935mm 1429mm 704mm 27/99kg
visual area 754mm 1008mm - -
A0 979mm 1603mm 704mm 31/103kg
visual area 820mm 1169mm - -
40" x 60" 1171mm 1942mm 894mm 57/169kg
visual area 995mm 1503mm - -
Title File Size Format
Artwork Spec Sheet 108kb
File is a PDF typePDF
Brochure 1.12Mb
File is a PDF typePDF
Panel Replacement
How to replace the Sentinel's panel
File is a PDF typePDF
Setup Instructions 2.79Mb
File is a PDF typePDF
Template (30 x 40) 227kb
File is a PDF typePDF
Template (30 x 60) 227kb
File is a PDF typePDF
Template (A0) 227kb
File is a PDF typePDF


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