Sail Banners

Sail Banners are a popular tool to ensure your brand gets noticed at outdoor events. Each Sail Banner is available in a range of heights with single or double-sided fabric panels and with a range of base options.

We are one of the only companies in the UK who can produce double sided Sail Banners, ensuring that your branding can be seen from any direction.

Sail Banners come in a variety of shapes and are all designed to flex favourably in the wind.

Teardrop Banner

Best selling Sail Banner 2.4m - 5.6m high


Available 2.5m - 5.5m high

Feather Banner

Rectangular flag shape available 2.1m - 5.1m high

Flying Banner Supersized

Extra tall Sail Banner available 6m high

Wing Banners Supersized

Extra tall Sail Banner available 6.7m high

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