Range of innovative towers and podiums

LED backlit display stands

Lumos display towers are designed for retail displays, showrooms and to enhance exhibition displays. The Lumos range of display towers are user friendly ideal for companies looking for backlit portable display stands. We offer these in a range of configurations:

Lumos Mini Tower - 953mm high, 315mm base diam

Lumos Mini Tower has a sleek and elegantly designed matt white base. This gives this display tower added stability. The printed graphic panels are internally illuminated with white LED strip lighting. Standing at 953mm high. Supplied with a mains power transformer or for greater flexibility , a rechargeable battery option is also available which will wirelessly illuminate the mini tower for over 14 hours (white LED).

Lumos Midi Tower - 1318mm high, 315mm base diam

Lumos Midi Tower has the same features and accessories as the Lumos Mini Tower, but stands at 1318mm high. Its two part upright hardware ensures everything packs away into a standard sizes graphic bag. The optional rechargeable battery option will illuminate the Midi Tower for over 10 hours (white LED).

Lumos Maxi Tower - 2178mm high, 315mm base diam

Lumos Maxi Tower has the same features and accessories as Lumos Mini and Midi tower, but stands at 2178mm high. Lumos Maxi Tower has three part upright hardware sections, which ensures that it packs away into the same size carry bag as the Mini and Midi Towers. The optional rechargeable battery option will illuminate the Maxi Tower for over 5 hours (white LED).

Lumos Double Tower - 1318mm high, 512mm wide, 315m deep

This offers the same features as Mini, Midi and Maxi display towers, but made up of two columns for extra width.

Lumos Counter - 953mm high, 512mm wide, 315mm deep

Lumos Counter is designed as a modern alternative to traditional counters and podiums. It is lightweight and easy to assemble, and includes white LED internal lighting as standard.

LED Lighting Option

Lumos are available as standard with white LED internal strip lighting. As an optional extra it can be supplied with RBG LED strip lighting management (as opposed to standard white LED lighting) with to up 18 different pre-programmed colour settings (mains only).

The following size information is available…

  Width of top Width of base Height Depth Weight
Lumos Counter 512mm 630mm 953mm 315mm 11kg
Double Tower 512mm 630mm 1318mm 315mm 11kg
Maxi Tower 200mm 315mm 2178mm 315mm 6.5kg
Midi Tower 200mm 315mm 1318mm 315mm 6kg
Mini Tower 200mm 315mm 953mm 315mm 4.7kg


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