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Verso Set Up

Create an impressive backwall to fit your needs

With Verso fabric walls you can make a great impact with a backwall at your own required size, shape and height. Choose between straight, inner and outer curves. Update the size and ad new graphics with a fully adjustable frame, re-use the hardware for years. The frame is easy to build and the fabric is attached at working height before being lifted.

Features and Benefits

  • Build upto 18m square walls with one system
  • Adjustable frame - Create bespoke shapes and heights
  • Easy tool free setup
  • Straight or curved profiles

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The following sizes are available…

System Maximum built width Adjustable height
2 poles straight 4.4m 1m – 2.75m
2 poles curved 15 degree 3.3m 1m – 2.75m
3 poles curved 15 degree 6.6m 1m – 2.75m
3 poles straight 6.6m 1m – 2.75m
3 poles curved 90 degree + straight 5.7m 1m – 2.75m
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