Stretch Modular

Aluminium frames with fabric graphic panels

The System

The Stretch Modular Tension Fabric System is a market-leading graphic display solution, used throughout the retail, exhibition, motorsport and commercial interior environments. The system consists of an aluminium profile with an integrated channel, which allows users to insert bespoke graphics with silicone edging that stretches across the surface of the frame. This system now offers the option of seamlessly wrapping corners, creating room sets, break-out areas, suspended cubes and a wide variety of other display solutions.

How it works

Stretch Modular specifically offers two channels for the insertion of fabric graphics with a silicone strip sewn onto the edge. This silicone strip fits precisely into the profile channel, gripping the fabric and stretching it across the display surface, leaving no creases. The same process applies for adding graphics in the internal channel, giving you a complete graphic suitable for many locations.

Freestanding benefits

Part of our stand alone Stretch Freestanding system, the Stretch Modular is a great option when you need a quick to build and collapse, cost effective display that can for a L or Curved U shape to build an exhibition in minuets rather than hours. Make a statement at your event.

Title File Size Format
Datasheet 346kb
File is a PDF typePDF
Modular Exhibition Manual 1.47Mb
File is a PDF typePDF


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